The beginning of a journey

Here it goes! My first blog post and hopefully the beginning of an exciting journey that I will be sharing with you all.
My name is Simone, I am Nutrition and Dietetics Student studying at Monash University and have just completed my third year of the degree, meaning I have one year left until I step out into the world as a Dietitian- yikes!

So here’s a bit more about me: 

  • I am 20 years old, turning 21 very soon in January! I live on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and feel absolutely blessed to live in such a wonderful part of the world. Particularly, I love the beach therefore you will most likely find me swimming in the summer followed by a relaxing dinner out!
  • I love food, I love eating food, going out for food, taking photos of food!! I have an absolute soft spot for food and as a result, I spend a fair chunk of money eating out.
  • I love science! I suppose I am a bit of a nerd. Learning about the latest research published always sparks my interest. You’ll often find me curled up in bed in the evenings with a cup of tea reading research articles and other publications  (followed by scrolling through some of my favourite bloggers and nutrition facebook pages- ahem, the Nutrition Press!)
  • I love feeling healthy and am lucky to be surrounded by some pretty amazing people in my life. This includes my caring family, my amazing past school friends (some of them which are also my gym buddies and push me to my limits, despite an occasional whinge or groan during a tough workout session, and for that I am grateful), my lovely boyfriend and partner in crime, my Uni buddies and fellow foodie enthusiasts, as well as all the other significant people in my life who have shaped and influenced me to become the person I am.
  • I have a passion for a healthy well-rounded diet. This does not mean I am the food police despite many people thinking that when I tell them that I study Dietetics. In fact, you’re likely to see me eating some chocolate, having a burger and enjoying an ice cream on numerous occasions.
  • My food philosophy is revolved around the fact that we are human and that we should not feel guilty for eating foods that may be labelled as ‘unhealthy.’ I am a strong advocator for including the foods you enjoy in your diet, and YES that includes chocolate!  It’s upsetting that a culture has developed which obsesses over food (i.e. guilt free goods, clean eating, food cleanse/juice cleanse), and that society has created a pressure for people to have unrealistic bodies (which are often unhealthy and do not represent the majority of society!!). This food culture needs to change- lets celebrate food and different bodies, and instead focus on our health and wellbeing. I am sure you will hear more from me about this!

I hope that this blog gives you some food inspiration, enlightens you and opens your eyes into the world of a Student Dietitian!
I hope to post regularly about all things nutrition, what I am learning at Uni, what I have been eating as well as recipes of meals (and some baked goods) I have been making. Please excuse me for any mishaps I may have with blogging. I hope to continue to improve the blog as I go on.

Lastly, if you want to see more of a snapshot into my life, follow me on instagram. My name is Simonejayne96 

Thank-you for visiting my blog and reading!




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