It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

… There’s toys in every store. But seriously, Christmas is just over 1 week away. How crazy to think that 2016 is nearly over, and what a year it has been!

Christmas time would have to be my favourite time of the year. Not only is it summer (although Melbourne’s ‘summer’ has been dismal so far), but it is also a time of celebration, when my family comes together to share food and drink whilst giving presents and enjoying each other’s company.  It’s a truly wonderful time of the year, followed by New Year’s Eve and then my birthday- so of course I love the Christmas holidays!


Despite the Christmas joy, a lot of people tell me how Christmas is going to be bad on their waistlines and how the guilt of Christmas lunch riddles them to their core. There is so much negative talk about food and eating at this time of the year, but why? It should be such a joyous time.

Christmas is all about feasting on a delicious lunch or dinner (or both), and that’s fine! It is a Christmas tradition. Christmas shouldn’t be about feeling guilty or ashamed of yourself because you indulged in fruit cake and pudding after a big plate of turkey and glazed ham. We are human, and food is more than a sum of its nutrients. Also, weight gain does not simply happen because of one day of indulgence. Having a big Christmas lunch won’t make you put on 5kgs, that’s not how it works.


My message to you all is to enjoy Christmas, to not worry about the food you eat on Christmas day, and to begin healthy habits again after Christmas, whether that be on Boxing day or New Year’s Day. Allow your body to rest and re-nourish itself by trying to eat the foods from the 5 food groups, as high sugar and high fat foods overtime can make us feel sluggish and of course, lots of alcohol puts stress on our liver whilst also contributing a hefty amount to our total energy intake.

But for now, allow yourself sometime to enjoy the Christmas treats and indulge, as we are owe it to ourselves to relax, enjoy and celebrate with food and family, and reflect on our 2016.




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