How to add flavour to food without increasing blood pressure!


Often when people think of enhancing the flavour of their food, they go straight to the saltshakers! Salt contains both sodium and chloride, and these components play an important role in our bodies. However, Australian’s are consuming up to 10 times more salt than what we need, which is concerning as excess consumption of salt (particularly the sodium component) raises blood pressure, greatly reducing a persons cardiovascular health and increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. In other words, excessive salt intake is dangerous.

It is therefore important that we know how to enhance the flavour of our meals and create delicious food, without adding salt!

Below is a list of ingredients that can be used instead of salt to add flavour to food:

  • Pepper, garlic and chilli: go to options to enhance the flavour of most foods
  • Onion (and spring onion): particularly works well with fish
  • Rosemary: works well with lamb, potatoes and other vegetables
  • Oregano: perfect in pasta
  • Basil: perfect in pasta, with chicken, vegetables
  • Cumin: works well with orange coloured vegetables
  • Sage: works well with pork, chicken, in pasta
  • Ginger: a great choice for Asian cooking, in soup, stir fries, with fish
  • Balsamic vinegar: works well on salads and vegetables, great in sauces and marinades, and can be used to flavour meat
  • Lemon and other citrus fruits: works well with chicken and fish

Plus so much more!

herbs and spices.png

Reducing salt intake is important for our health; it helps to improve our cardiovascular health and ensure a healthy blood pressure. In simple terms, having a healthy blood pressure ensures the heart is not strained/over working and can therefore keep you alive! Therefore, try to substitute salt for some of the listed ingredients above. Your body will thank you for it.

It may be difficult to adjust to reducing salt in your diet at the beginning, but the palate has been shown to adapt over time. Plus, with the above ingredients food does not have to be boring and bland! In fact, you might be surprised at how delicious some of these flavour-enhancing ingredients are!

Keep an eye out for some low sodium recipes to be posted on my blog in the near future.



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