How I realised I wanted to study Dietetics

I am lucky enough to have found myself a career path that I am so passionate about. I love food, I love science and I love the idea of working in healthcare- so a career as a Dietitian seemed to be the right fit for me. However, before I realised that Nutrition and Dietetics was … Continue reading How I realised I wanted to study Dietetics


Recipe: Low FODMAPs rice paper rolls

I often find myself wondering what on earth I should have for lunch. As easy as a ham sandwich may be, I have well and truly eaten my life quota of ham sandwiches throughout my school years (and vegemite sandwiches for that matter). So I am constantly on the look out for quick and easy … Continue reading Recipe: Low FODMAPs rice paper rolls

Reading Nutrition Labels: Nutrition Claims!

These pesky nutrition claims! In second year of Uni (2015) I spent almost a whole semester investigating the truth and misconceptions behind a number of nutrition and health claims on some of the most commonly purchased food products in the supermarkets. Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) are an agency that develop and administer the food … Continue reading Reading Nutrition Labels: Nutrition Claims!